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If you're running Avast (or WindowBlinds) and getting crashes with this game

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Colonel J:
Thanks for the suggestion...I've tried disabling Steam overlay but no change unfortunately :(

Still getting crashes at GameInit much more often than not... usually Fatal Error in GC and sometimes an Exception breakpoint. Once the game is up and running it seems to be stable.

Sorry for the slow response.  This is something that really sounds like it is Avast -- people without Avast don't have the problem, people with do.  I'd suggest AVG Free or something else.  There are reports of this sort of thing all over the Internet for a variety of Unity 3D games, so for some reason Avast is just giving loads of false positives all over the place.  Unfortunately there's not really anything we can do when antivirus software starts shut down other processes (like our game) without permission.

Colonel J:
Thanks for the clarification, I'd suspected as much. Sorry for belated reply I've been away from my PC for a couple of weeks.

I don't know if it is the result of an Avast update or a game update or just luck but (touch wood) I now having no problems on returning the game in the last couple of days.

If it does come back I will be uninstalling Avast and looking for an alternative. I wasn't a fan of AVG in the past because of how much is slowed down my boot-up time and I really didn't like the bundled adware/toolbar that it kept wanting to install, this was a few years ago so maybe that's changed.

Glad to hear it's working now :)  It'd be nice to have a solid idea of what actually changed, as that's usually helpful in figuring out other cases, but sometimes one can't have everything :)

Has there been any movement on this?  I'm -really- not keen about moving back to AVG, as it has let all sorts of stuff onto my PC in the past.

For the record, it's necessary to disable both  File system shield and Web shield in order for the game to run.  I haven't taken it any further than the main menu, as I really -really- don't like running my PC with protection disabled.

Do we know if anyone from Unity or Avast are looking at why the false positives are happening in the first place?


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