Author Topic: If Stardock Can Do It, Then Why Not Bionic Dues?  (Read 8417 times)

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If Stardock Can Do It, Then Why Not Bionic Dues?
« on: May 20, 2015, 12:42:53 pm »
Recently, like in this morning I got an email from Stardock, because I have been following their GalCiv3 title, that talks about their new upcoming RTS title, called Servo. Well, I click on the icon and it jumps to a new page and what do I see? Why Bionic Dues Bots duking it out on a sand dune landscape filled with boulders to hide behind and a handful of Bots taking cover and lasering each other and collecting add-on Bionical type parts (sounds familiar huh?)

So the immediate thought that came to mind, is why can't Bionic do this and make sales when apparently Stardock thinks they can?

I mean there is the like maybe a landscape map, instead of a room map, and it doesn't look like the Bots are statically awaiting the player to come in and start things. And at this point I don't know if it is single player or multi player, but it made me think that Arcen could do this no problem. But how can Arcen do a title and not hit the gold and have Stardock come in and seem to generate so much talk?

I still enjoy Bionic a lot, and maybe an expansion with outside maps, buildings and maybe multi players running around gunning would change things up?

Only thing is its a risk not knowing how any of it is going to go over, big or not that really shoots things in the foot.
Anyway, thought I would mention the new thing, and maybe hope that somewhere down the line Bionic might get some things to change it up and maybe make a real big difference in being popular.

Thanks for listening,

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Re: If Stardock Can Do It, Then Why Not Bionic Dues?
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2015, 01:36:57 pm »
I think Bionic Dues would benefit from some stuff:
-skill tree (which is or was planned but SBR development had priority)
-patrolling bots. The whole game feels a little static. All the bots waiting for you to shoot them down. Patrolling bots would at least add a little dynamic to the game
-outdoor maps. Unlikely but not impossible. This woudl be of course streets filled with trash cans and cars as cover. Outdoow maps are more widely open, giving you less ways to cover but a better sight on the enemies
-other stuff that I had in mind but forgot

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Re: If Stardock Can Do It, Then Why Not Bionic Dues?
« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2015, 02:07:58 am »
Bionic dues would have benefitted from:
- a better name.
- a less spreadsheety presentation, and parts combining more intuitively. I mean I like the game, but this kind of math comes easy to me. I know it repulses a lot of people. When I equip a mech I feel like I'm doing an excel spreadsheet. I do like optimizing stuff so it's ok for me... but as a general gameplay mechanic, let's say I don't think it's very popular.
- the map feels kind of the same as the unit equipment. I feel like I'm taking parameters into account in order to blow things up and not to blow up, before being a team of giant robots trashing rebel AI. Again, I do like that. I'd prefer the second one.
- controlling all 4 robots instead of just switching robots on the same position. Not that the mechanic is bad in itself but it's not very intuitive. And it does not feel like controlling 4 robots. Having the game designed to work with 4 robots would also have allowed multiplayer.
- multiplayer ? Haha.
- being real time would allow having stuff exploding all the time. It's a giant robot game after all =). And yes, as you said, patrols and the like.

Basically I'd like bionic dues if it took inspiration from this game :D:

More action, more booms all over the place, and some reflexion to boot =).

Also, servo is also a bad name, like horizon was. I mean just type horizon game guide for fun... There is no internet links to the game itself to be found. Servo is going to have the same problem.

Finally, from what I see, Servo is not to be compared to bionic dues, and looks more like a rehash between Airmech and Metal Fatigue. The latter which I really liked.
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