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Suggestions for the end game
« on: August 28, 2014, 01:38:33 AM »
I finally managed to finish my most recent Expert game started back in 1.011 (Yay!) yesterday.
Overall I have to say that game experience has drastically improved compared to the previous official version.
But I must say that the final mission came across as a little bland, especially since I undertook quite a bit of Lion's Den and Assassination missions.
So have some suggestions to spice things up a bit :):
  • First of: Could teleporters get another color in the sensor view? Hunting for the exit among all these another green circles wasn't much fun.
  • Since these missions play out effectively as a very big regular mission with teleporters: Change the initial behavior of all bots to free roaming instead of sitting there waiting for the player to activate them - not very fitting for an attacking force! This might have to be limited to a certain radius to prevent performance hogging, though. Maybe sensor range plus some extra to have bots enter the visible area from the outside?
  • I always thought it to be weird that the player is only attacked by the robot army during the end game. What about the other bot (types) still roaming the city? Thus: How about sending a final wave that may pick from all bot types other than those picked for the bot army? If the impact on game difficulty is deemed too hard, this could be a conduct as well...
That's all for now ;).

EDIT: Mantised here.
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