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Here is a demo of the 1.0 version of the game for all three operating systems in one zip file.  Simply unzip this on your platform of choice and run either Bionic.exe (Windows), (OSX), or Bionic.x86 (Linux).  The demo does not include the music, and only allows you to play the first 3 days of any campaign. But you can experiment with the various exos, difficulty levels, pilots, and so forth as much as you like in as many (partial) campaigns as you like.  Any savegames made in the demo can be moved into the RuntimeData/Save folder inside an installation of the full game and will let you continue right where you left off.  Alternatively, there are Let's Play videos by lots of people all over youtube and!


Doesn't seem like the demo's available on the Steam store page? Any plans for getting it up there?

No, only AI War has its demo there out of all our games, I believe.  Our evidence historically is that having a demo, but not having it on steam, is optimal.

To anyone who reads this as of 1-17-14, the game is on sale for $7.50 on the Arcen website! Cheaper than Steam. Grab it there! Can't wait to delve in to it!  8)


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