Author Topic: Bionic Dues Headlines Steampunk Bundle (Supports Direct Relief International)  (Read 1343 times)

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Our tactical roguelike-like Bionic Dues is part of the latest Groupees 'pay what you want' ($1 minimum) deal. It's a Steampunk-themed bundle full of games, music, comics, and e-books -- with a portion of the proceeds will go to charity Direct Relief International. Here's what's included:

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I gave up on Airship Dragoon after spending 3 hours on Youtube trying to learn how to do the most basic things. I've spent 60+ hours on Bionic Dues.

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For what it's worth, I checked out the bundle, and decided that I only really wanted Bionic Dues from it.  So instead of paying $5 or $10 from the bundle and only a small percentage going to Arcen, I just bought it full price on Steam.

I consider it my penance for not hearing about and buying Bionic Dues on release - I really wish Chris would go on Three Moves ahead like once a quarter to remind me what I need to buy, and also just because those have been some really interesting interviews when he has been on.  Actually, the reason I even found out about Bionic Dues and the expansion for Skyward Collapse was because I was listening to back episodes of Game Designers Roundtable (with Jon Shafer and Dirk Knemeyer) where they were mentioned as being in development.

I've got to pay closer attention to Arcen Games releases...