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Thought you might enjoy seeing the box art for our upcoming title Bionic Dues, as well as the portrait of the Assault Exo that is part of it.  Cheers!

Wow, that looks incredible. I like the logo with the decaying accents; it really sets the expectations for the setting. Mixed with the awesome art for the robot,  this is very exciting. I like the almost organic appearance the arms have.


Ya know, I was so excited about a number of games recently that I preordered Shadowrun Returns, Ducktales, Castlevania, and bought Hammerwatch on launch day.  More than any of those, I'm anticipating this game.  Each new detail I see about it so far has made that anticipation even more excruciating.

The poster - and all the revealed artwork - is fantastic, and I can't wait to get ahold of this.  It looks like the Arcen magic is working in full force on this one.  8)

Wow, that's a high honor.  I'm really touched! :)


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