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Any plans for the next cycle yet?

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Hi Keith :).

I can imagine you are knee-deep into polishing TLF to a new level of shine until the end of November and likely fairly busy with the new 4X after that. I can imagine you likely have no inclination to sink your spare time into Bionic for quite some time...

Just wanted to ask when a new 1.2 cycle could roughly be expected (if any) - especially those juicy customization plans of yours :).

My current Siege-Exo-Only run with four Epics really has me feeling customization pain ;)... I am totally okay with next summer or even 2020 or never - just asking for a ballpark statement here so I know whether it makes sense to put off playing waiting for the new stuff.

I feel really bad for asking this in the first place with everything you are doing for Bionic basically being a gift, but the problem is: I just want to know - real  flaw of character that :).

Anyway, I am rambling...

I do not want to intrude and your spare time is yours to command of course - so please simply tell me when I am supposed to shut up. I will.

Cheers & Kudos for what you already did for the game!

I'd like to get back to Bionic and AIW work, it's just been a combination of factors making that pretty hard (TLF/4X work, I got a bad cold, now I'm ok but my wife caught the cold so I need to help out more, etc).  I'm hoping to get back to one or both in some capacity before, say, November 1st.

I appreciate your understanding :)

Thanks for the heads-up. I feared the window of opportunity had closed ;)...

I see this like every new release: When a game or an expansion is released the developers, especially in such a small company where few people do everything, have to look for improvments for the game. Balances, bug fixes, perfomace improvements and so on.
And also, the more games you release the more games you have to work in simultaneously. And don't forget the games that re not even released yet.
So many things I kneel before you because you can manage all of this.

Btw, I have started on the talent-tree implementation :)  Not sure when it will be ready for first testing, but we'll see.


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