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Guys, is there enough ammo to clear a level? I just started playing the game and I'm running out of ammo. I'm obviously doing it wrong, but I'm not sure what exactly wrong I'm doing.

I don't think I've had that problem, although I've never played beyond Hard. Are you remembering to switch between guns and exos, and that most levels can be completed without killing everything? (Sorry if that sounds patronising, but I can't think what else it could be at the start of the game)

Make sure that your guns are powered up enough too...running out of ammo is usually a sign that you are taking too many shots in a mission...or like wwwhhattt said, you are relying too much on one exo's guns to do all your fighting.

Other than that, there is usually ammo chests scattered about that make this easier...and ammo upgrades on your aoe weapons ( and using aoe weapons when a good sized group approaches you) are big savers on how much your single target guns have to work.

You can also try switching up your exo setup if you find that you really love the assault or siege for example. Try taking two of the same exo if that fits your playstyle well.

Shrugging Khan:
I frequently run out of ammo; but I also play with a single exo.

I guarantee you there's pretty much always enough ammo (for a full team of Exos anyway).  Even on Misery where everything has about a billionty HP (or shields, or whatever you want to call it).

But the harder the difficulty you're on, the more careful you have to be to ensure that you're choosing the right equipment to keep that happening.  If you make too many bad choices, and then arent using it efficiently during the missions, you can indeed run out.

I dont think I've had it happen before, though I've had a couple of specific occaisions where it came close.

Out of curiosity, Zespri, what difficulty level are you playing on?


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