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Normal. It was a first game I ever played.
I have exaggerated - I have not actually run out of ammo, I just ran out of one particular weapon ammo on one particular exo - but that got me worried, because the levels are huge and I did not see the end anywhere near.

Since then I cleared up a couple of levels and did not ran out of ammo. (In fact on one of these levels exit was situated 15-20 tiles from entrance). So consider this a noobie mistake. (And thank you everyone who chimed in).

It looks like although I like the concept, I won't be playing bionic dues alot - it's too drawn out for my liking. A level takes ages to clear even in the beginning of the game and there are 50 more to finish the game - daunting. In the age of shorter and shorter attention spans, that's asking too much =)

You can finish a game of Bionic Dues, from start to the end, in about 5-6 hours on normal difficulty.

Here is my playlist on YT showing it -

The key is to get what you need to build up your exos then do the robotic command centers to knock off 5 days each.

If you are impatient with the missions, just use the scouting pilot that lets you do any mission within 2 jumps of a mission.

Yeah, it doesnt actually take all 50 days to do.  And isnt there a "shorter campaign" option now? I forget.

Mostly though it depends on the difficulty, really.  I could tear through missions on normal or hard in just a couple of minutes; it's just a matter of getting used to the game, really.  And the game is very forgiving about mistakes on those difficulty levels... you dont have to play perfectly, unlike the higher ones where one mistake destroys your team.

Glad I read this thread, reminded me to pick up this game again :)


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