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Trouble seeing the font?


As with AI War, the game supports resolutions all the way down to 800x600. If you try to play at a resolution higher than what is comfortable depending on your monitor size, eyesight, and distance you sit from your monitor, then it can become a problem where it is a strain to read in either game (or many other games, for that matter).

Why don't we support changing the size of the font, then? Because if you can't read the text, the likelihood of you being able to interpret the icons is also incredibly low. So simply choosing a lower screen resolution fixes them all at the same time.  The text tends to be a bit larger in AVWW compared to AI War, but if you try to play at 1080p or higher on a screen that isn't comfortable for that with your eyes and distance from the screen, then you'd likely have a problem interpreting not only text but also game items.

Given that both AI War and AVWW are 2D games, increasing the screen resolution doesn't increase sharpness -- it decreases scale, at the same time showing more in the viewport. If the scale is too small, simply reducing the screen resolution can definitely get the game into a state where it should be comfortable to see on any monitor.

I can see the font size fine at my resolution, but the color of levels for unexplored regions on the world map tends to be hard to see. That sort of dim grey blends in to a whole lot of the tile backgrounds. Is there some reason this couldn't just be, say white with a thicker black border to make it stand out on all colors of tile?

Edit: I see at some point recently this was changed. Thanks!

Maybe use vector graphics or a second icon set at a higher resolution for those of us with 4 megapixel monitors? (not me, but it could happen)

I'm not sure it's worth the development effort to develop a whole new set for a very small portion of the player base.


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