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[RESOLVED] Multiplayer - unhandled errors galore


Hey guys,

A buddy and I just found out about the game - instant purchase - such a cool game world and concept!

But when we play together - after a small amount of play time the server craps out with a huge list of 'Unhandled Error'. The world appears to be borked as shutting everything down and restarting results in the same errors and nothing can be interacted with in the world. Even if things do retain the ability to be interacted with - using doors results in a black screen that never ends. Some creatures can be killed but wont attack, but mostly they are just there doing nothing, cant be attacked, dont hurt you, etc.
This has occured both in the worlds he made and mine. We did not play multi before the latest update - 918 I believe - so I cant say if it had anything to do with it. But after making 2 test worlds each - the same thing has happened on all 4. We typically get thru the tutorial area and settlement - it always craps out about 5-10 minutes after entering the first world square we go to from Settlement.

I saw something about grabbing the first error report on the server screen - but exitted out without doing so, Ill see if I can grab one.

Cheers, welcome to the forums and thanks for the kind words -- sorry your first experience has been that.  It's been "one of those days" for me, but ultimately I think it's a lot of good improvements.  You just caught in a bit of the... we'll call it "shrapnel."

I'll have a new release out in a couple of minutes that should resolve this for you; I have one other report I need to verify is the same issue first.  Thanks!

Hey thanks for such a fast reply - I've reported this on the bug tracker - just copied my original post and added the error text. =)

Thanks!  That confirms it's the same issue the other guy was having, so that's good news.  There's one other bug that is definitely different, so I'm chasing that one down and then will do a release.


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