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No launch rock spell

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I figure here is more appropriate for this than Mantis since as far as I know I'm the only one with this problem. I've got the 'launch rock' spell in my inventory, but the game insists that I don't know it on this continent. This is a game that I started with the first open beta, so no doubt I'm being silly by trying to keep it working. I've attached the world.dat and region.dat and the folder for just the home settlement. If I recall correctly, that's all you need to look at it, yes?

It should have unlocked it for you, but for whatever reason did not -- that's an old world bug more than anything else, though, and not really worth a fix because it would just be giving you an unfair advantage anyhow. ;)

Since the ep on old worlds starts at 1, if you have half the spells unlocked that throws off the ep progression. Not the end of the world, but not having it happen here also doesn't mean that it's really much of a disadvantage, to be honest. What you'd want to do is just learn launch rock like you would in a new world -- maybe even the tier 2 or 3 version, if it's your go-to spell.

Hope that makes sense!

Sure, no worries. I hardly ever used it anyway. Just seemed weird that the game refused to give me a default spell. I'll just keep playing until I find the higher tier or figure out where another continent is hiding. A challenge, since my first continent is ridiculously huge by current standards...

It's not actually a default spell now, I'm pretty sure, which is the change -- if I'm wrong that's a more serious bug, but I'm pretty sure that's the case.

No, it's not a default spell anymore, much to my dismay. ;)


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