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Neither AVWW 1 nor 2 will launch on mac

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I have never knowingly installed an antivirus on this computer, no. If so, then it's a feature of GateKeeper or Other Mac 'Security', and Not One I can find in preferences.

Tho one option I can find, the firewall, daaes nothing, as I would expect it to, seeing as AVWW never prompted to accept connections.

At a hunch, it might be system integrity protection freaking out, but implies it shouldn't be trynig to do its work on /Documents/. Confirmed by trying in /Applications, no change. I'm pretty sure I turned it off for Homebrew or similar at some point anyway.

The Directory is in /Documents/AVWW rather than /Library/applicationSupport/steam/.../AVWW/, so It shouldn't

You might try moving it to a non-official folder, like ~/AVWW or something, just as a test.  But yeah... whew, I'm kind of out of ideas, to be honest.  I really am puzzled by this one.  I'm assuming you've gotten this pretty recently, so I'd definitely encourage you to take advantage of a refund, with my apologies.  Unless you have a sudden stroke of inspiration.  Thanks for your patience with all this, I know it must have been super frustrating.  The windows version will play very well on OSX via WINE, but that's not exactly anyone's first (or second or third) choice.


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