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I am Japanese.


Nice to meet you!
The person who Judging from the subject, but also will you home,
I do not read English.
I am using the translator also this sentence.
You think that it is painful to read. I am sorry.
You've played start to buy four people at once to try by all means play with friends to watch the introduction video.
I thought I'd get by without reading the English.
But it can not be played on intuition than expected, and can not enjoy it well!
I think that's very selfish, but I wonder if it would be available to support the Japanese so good just a little!
This is the text hard to read very much, Thank you for your time here.
Thank you. :)

Hi there, I understand your trouble with using the translator, and am not offended.  It is not hard to understand your meaning.  Hopefully when you put this back through the translator, my meaning will also be clear.

It is very challenging for us to do translations of our titles, particularly to titles that do not use the same alphabet that we have.  Cyrillic, for instance, is very hard.  Using Kanji would be even harder.  It is quite a large undertaking, and unfortunately we have not had good success with non-English markets when we have done translations in the past.  For various of our games, we have done translations to German and Russian, and had fan translations to French, and unfortunately those were not good experiences.

I wish I could give you better news!  Thank you for asking, though. :)

Thank you for reply!
Since the Japanese do not like very much this kind of game certainly, the benefits of Japanese corresponding bother I might be thin.  :-X
Although I have enjoyed very much of course!
I think I try and played by using the dictionary and translator somehow.
Thank you so much!!! :)

Shrugging Khan:
Good luck!


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