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How to start a server?

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A friend and me tried to play together. We're both unable to host a server - connecting over IP failed, ports are open.

After creating a new world, we navigate in the main menu to "launch your own server". We choose our created world. Now the game goes into window mode, nothing else happens. The back-button brings fullscreen back. There aren't any new windows hidden or on other desktops. This happens with the first and the second 'valley without wind' title.

Any ideas?

We're both on ArchLinux - up to date. I'm on Gnome 3, he's on KDE. Steamfiles are verified without errors. Game runs great with "LANG=C %command%" startoption.

I've finally found something in the FAQ to manually start the server:
--- Quote --- […] on windows launch it as AVWW.exe -server -world "{name}" On OSX it works as open -a '' -n --args -server -world "{name}".
--- End quote ---

Linux isn't mentioned. It works with
--- Code: ---~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/A\ Valley\ Without\ Wind/AVWWLinux.x86_64 -server -world "Environ"
--- End code ---
--- Code: ---~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/A\ Valley\ Without\ Wind\ 2/Valley2Linux.x86_64 -server -world "Environ"
--- End code ---

However, it doesn't work from the ingame menu. Maybe the game looks for an .exe or something…
But I'm not sure, how I stop the server correctly. The next time I start a game with that world, it's always locked with the "lock.dat".

It probably is looking for an .exe, yea.  That (code and wiki) was written long before linux-support for any of our stuff.

Not sure on why it isn't unlocking the world on quit, though if you're sure the previous server instance is dead you can delete the lock.dat manually.  It is a pain, though.  I'll let Chris know and see if he has any ideas.

Sorry about that with the launching from the menu not working right!  That was totally an oversight on my part.  This is now fixed and released for both Valley 1 and Valley 2.  You can either use the in-game updater to get the new versions, or restart steam if you're using the steam version.

Thanks for the report!

Fix arrived and the server works from the ingame menu.

Thank you very much!


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