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Hi, I'm interested in licensing A Valley Without Wind


I had to make a new account 'cuz I don't even hotmail anymore, but it's me here from Steam;  I made this topic-

I am genuinely interested in trying to make either A Valley Without Wind 3, or perhaps a side/spinoff game based on the property.

I gotcha, that makes sense.  I don't have an intrinsic problem with that.   I'm not sure what you're looking to do, exactly, though.  Start with our engine and build a sequel from there?

I'd probably make an all new engine as I'm more interested in making a metroidvania style game than a roguelike and AVWW has a lot of cool spells, effects, terrains, enemies and the time tears themselves that I can get pretty creative with... including the settlement building, rescuing survivors, stealth missions, Power Legs, monster timezone migration based on beating lieutenants, a freefall scene, a volcano escape, stealing material from a tech base (ehhh, that might have been the second game)

I don't even have to steal assets - the CORE mechanics I'm interested in borrowing is basically the time mechanics and the spellgem mechanics.

EDIT:  And I never even got a Legendary Acid Gills on my playthroughs :D

Just wanted to say that I would be down for AVWW3


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