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Can't seem to use mouse scroll wheel to move the mouse abilities along the bar.


I remember when I used to play that I could scroll through the ability bar with my mouse scroll wheel but now I can't seem to bind my mouse scroll to anything. It was really convenient to have another set of three abilities just slightly down the bar so I could quickly change spells but it seems now I have to use keyboard keys to do this. What am I missing? I guess I could bind my mouse buttons 4 and 5 (used for back and forward in a browser) but then I lose the ability to have they activate spells and it still isn't as easy as the scroll wheel. Help?

Hey there, actually the mouse wheel is in the Axis section, rather than in the Mouse Button section.  Sorry that's confusing, but it's not a button, it's actually considered an analog input.  You should be able to remap it from there!

That must have been what I used before! I don't know why I overlooked it... thanks!

No problem -- my pleasure!


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