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AVWW 1 & 2 Steam Activation


i just got gifted a copy of the AVWW 1 & 2 Bundle on steam but when starting the game it wants to have a key from me or it will start in trial mode. the Steam CD-Key popup just says "Requesting Key...". Following the news on the AVWW2 library page on steam then no key is necessary but for me that doesnt seem to be the case. the shown version is 1.501.

What should i do?


Have you tried verifying your Steam cache? If you aren't sure how to do that, try this: .

yes verify it frst as you wont be gpoing long way after that guy

I also have this problem, and verifying the cache has not made a difference.  I understand that a key will not be generated because as of version 1.500 it should not be necessary, but I am showing version 1.502 and it continues to request one.

Sorry about the delay on this, I dont know how I missed this update... are you guys still having this issue?


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