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A Valley Without Ocean Shallows?


So, I created my last world a couple versions ago (can't remember which one, it was between 1.019 and 1.022) but I basically didn't even begin playing in it. Today I download the latest update (1.025), and start enjoying the new streamlined continent progression thing. After killing my first lieutenant, I begin plotting a way to the nearest ocean shallows...

...except there's none.

I can't see a single ocean shallows anywhere on the map, it's only either "ocean" or "deep sea". I'm pretty sure this is not supposed to happen? I've tried creating a new world, and there's plenty of shallows around.

I'm not one of the developers, but what you describe just sounds like a side effect of that world being made with an older version of the game, which may have had issues that got resolved since then.

I'd say, if you should make another world in the current version and find that it does it again, then it's a good idea to report the bug (and include the save file) on Arcen's Mantis site (the bugtracker). 


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