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"The deep" too dark

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I just started my second continent.  Near the starting point, i found a new terrain called "the deep" .  I understand it is supposed to be a higher level area, but is it supposed to be so dark?   it is basically black on black with a smattering of purple floating things of pain.   also none of the light spells help.  In fact, i think they actually make things blacker.

The Deep is pretty much Hell on Earth, only in a more Cthulhu way than Lucifer way. It's pretty much designed to be dark and difficult to navigate.

Difficult to navigate is one thing but putting me in a cave without a flashlight is silly. Especially since the game thought i should be surrounded by it. On my monitor (or something) all i see is the faintest whiffs of pixels here and there.   I threw together a quick texture pack that makes the landscape as visible as the other biomes without losing it's flavor.  It is still pretty creepy imo.

i basically ran an gimp auto-levels filter on all the problem resources and dimmed the brightness back down a tad.  Not 100% happy with the plant edging, but it works for now.

It sounds like your monitor might be set too dark. Have you tried turning up the gamma?

It must be your monitor, I can see just fine in the Deep.


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