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Playing a game of Not AI War was strange at first...

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--- Quote from: Faulty Logic on May 10, 2013, 11:46:59 pm ---The first level-up tower: ooh, a fellow immortal (Fanzara). And apparently I was a very convincing evil minion. Fighting her seemed no harder than most monsters, though; I was somewhat disappointed.
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That's what I thought when playing through the first time as well.  Just getting up in their face and attacking seemed to work every time.  Playing through on Master Hero difficulty changed that immensely, forcing me to cower in a corner and take pot shots at them.  Lilith is the strongest since she counter-attacks every hit as well.  The other 4(?) seem to be the same.

Unfortunately, I still don't think they get any stronger as the game progresses, so once you reach a certain level, there are regular map monsters that are much, much more dangerous than any of the henchmen.

--- Quote ---Second tower: Old guy (Wordrak). Also pretty easy. I'm really liking the henchperson dialogues.
Until later, when they repeat.
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Especially playing through the second time, at which point I somewhat wish I had an option to turn off the henchmen dialogue, along with the explanation every time about spell levels, scrap, getting your first equipment, etc.

--- Quote ---The rest of the game pre-boss wasn't hard. Food and scrap never left their caps, morale recovered, and I became steadily more formidable.
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Changes drastically on Master Hero difficulty.  I'm currently stuck in Demonaica's Lair in pursuit of the level 5 spells due to excess difficulty with a certain monster.

--- Quote ---Equipment feels entirely pointless. I can't keep it reliably, so have no incentive to hunt for it. Maybe have one slot of permanent equipment (of lesser effect)?
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This was one of the major disappointments of the game for me; it would hypothetically be fun to enter all the buildings in search of better equipment if it was more permanent, but especially on higher difficulty, it seems to disappear after a few inevitable hits, and the vast majority of equipment you find isn't particularly good.  It's not until you find one that increases your health, gives you the two extra shots, or reduces damage taken that it's really useful... until it disappears five minutes later.

--- Quote ---The tedium/probable morale hit of hunting for perk tokens doesn't seem worth it. I think them applying to your current level's selection first would be a stronger mechanic (so you wouldn't need to get more options for levels with perks you're happy with).
This would also prevent situations like "I'm happy with my level two and three perks, but not level four, but it would take 5 tokens to actually improve, so I won't bother."
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Exactly; if I don't get a feat I want in the first or second tier, then I can storm a pyramid and cavern to fill in the blanks, but once your level gets high enough, there's just no way it's worth slogging through the caverns for a single perk token that fills up an empty spot in your lowest tier.

--- Quote ---This was certainly fun, and certainly a good deal, but I won't be playing much more.
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The game does scale much better, IMO, on higher difficulties (maybe too much), and I haven't gotten that monotonous feeling this time around where my massive spell shrapnel just insta-killed everything with no effort and any damage was quickly healed by the massive body count.  But we'll see how it fares after I have to slog through the citadels again (hopefully I can get the bat transformation instead) and get sick of penetrating further into Demonaica's Lair.  The difficulty this time makes it an absolute pain to trek back after dying.


--- Quote from: Histidine on May 16, 2013, 09:30:58 am ---I found it got pretty repetitive near the end - run through level spamming whatever best hits the enemy before they can hit me, in fact just skip the whole level with Transmogrify into Bat if you can - but I don't have any ideas how to fix. Maybe I should turn up the tactical difficulty, or just accept I'm not a platformer kind of guy.

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Have you played Valley 1? I've only dabbled in both, but Valley 1 has more labyrinthine levels that feel more (to me) like an old game of Metroid. There's a real sense of exploration here that I feel is missing from Valley 2 (though this may be for the best).

Would late-game levels focused more on exploration, and less on Contra-esque combat work better here? Or would shorter levels, with more interesting boss fights, work better?


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