Author Topic: So I can only earn Tier 3 Orbs now, but I still need more Tier 2 Orbs...HELP!  (Read 5009 times)

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Yeeeeah. I think I backed myself into an unpleasant corner here. I need Tier 2 Orbs so I can advance some spells to Tier 2, and then Tier 3, except I noticed I don't have enough orbs to do it. ...Now what? Is there any way to earn more Tier 2 Orbs? Or are my spells forever stuck at Tier 1?

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You should have gotten 15 Tier 2 orbs already. Have you used them all? There are Diluter enchants and a rank 2 Diluter enchant will convert all Tier Orb Mission Rewards of 3+ into Tier 2.

There really shouldn't have been a way to "skip" tier 2. Unless, you had a Tier 1 Diluter Enchant on from CP level 200-400?

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You get exactly 15 tier orbs per tier -- that's vastly more than enough to make yourself a powerhouse and take out the overlord.  However, there are "diluters" that you can equip on yourself that turn any higher-tier orb that you win into a lower-tier orb.  I recommend not using them until you reach tier 5, though; if you want to broaden out the spells you have access to beyond the standard 15 once you hit tier 5, then diluters are your friend.

Also, I should note that when you hit the next continent you get to start completely over with which spells you choose to unlock anyhow, so as long as you can beat the first overlord with what you have unlocked you then get a blank slate to do things differently the next time.

Hope that helps!
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