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Ok, I've reached my first Overlord in the first continent. Up until this point it's been fairly easy, I've probably died half a dozen times, but had great fun. But I can't make any progress with the Overlord. For a start the area is level 11, while I'm still at level 5 obviously. But I managed to reach the Overlord's tower and room by sneaking by and running. But I don't stand a chance against the Overlord. First he's only sensitive to Entropy, which means I have to get in close to use miasma whip. Lightning works reasonably well from a distance, plinking away about 0.5% of his health each hit. Then he launched about 20 seeking fire bolts which last for quite a few seconds before they disperse. Getting caught in the midst of these is instant death (not exaggerating). So I went out and crafted a fire shield, plus I'm wearing a heat suit. No worries, I think. Um... actually no. The fire shield lasts for about 3 seconds before my mana runs out, and I can't cast a spell due to the mana drain. Plus it doesn't really absorb much damage from those homing fire bolts anyway. So it's basically useless.

And to make matters worse, every time I die and return the monster spawners rejuvenate themselves, and by the time I've dealt with those things I'm normally half-dead anyway. Especially as I have to spend the first 30 seconds getting rid of my previous vengeful spirit.

This is at Adept difficulty. The only way I can beat this thing is dial it right down to Featherweight, but I can't bring myself to do that, as it's as challenging as sneezing. But anything higher than that is pretty much instant death.

What am I doing horribly wrong? All the accounts I've read are that the overlord is a piece of cake. No way, not a chance. Or has the random number generator dealt me a really nasty one?

Naturally, after trying this for 4 hours, I figured it out about 5 minutes after posting for help. I'd forgotten that I could attack the overlord with settlers, bringing him down a couple of levels was just what I needed. Phew. Onto the second continent!

Glad you got that!

Yeah, you can't beat him without some help! :)

I like the fact that even 40 hours into the game, I'm still discovering game mechanics! Let's just say that their sacrifices will not be forgotten and leave it at that.

By the way, I forgot to mention that this game is right up there in my best games of 2012 list (specifically, fourth). I would have probably bought it earlier in 2012, but I figured with all the changes you were making that it needed time for you to get it just right. ;) I'll probably hold off on the AVWW2 beta for that same reason.

Thank you for the kinds words. AVWW was a LONG LONG LONG process, and it's nice to hear when folks enjoy playing it. It's very likely that Valley 2 will not be quite so long of a process.


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