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How to build a wind shelter?


I've plopped down my guardian power on a wind-tormented square and the mission was generated. I went into the area, but there was no mission entrance. I went through I think 15 surface chunks, of which two contained bosses, and reached the end, but there was no wind shelter to be built. How do those missions work these days?

A wind shelter mission generates a mission entrance in the first surface chunk. Sometimes the game will use smaller / different mission entrances, or tuck them away in places not noticeable at first; if there isn't one after revealing the entire first chunk, it may be a bug.

I'll have a look through the chunk again then. I was looking for the "Mission Entrance" giant text.

BenMiff is right. After you go look again for it, if you don't see it, please post your world here so I can take a look.

When I loaded the game up today, the mission entrance was right there, just a screen away with text and everything. I can almost swear it wasn't there the first time, but then again, I'm getting old and blind so I might've missed it.


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