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Experiences of a first time player
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:01:30 pm »
Recently bought this game through a sale on Steam. My first game is going fairly well, but I thought I'd share some of my close calls or newbie experiences.

I completed most of the tutorial level without using a light enchanted item - not because I wanted the challenge, but because the enchant inventory was always dark whenever I opened it. I worked out later that I had clicked on a slot in the enchant inventory and AVWW had helpfully darkened everything that wouldn't fit. The thing I didn't realize was that it would remember the last slot I had clicked on: click on a slot, close and reopen, and the selection remains. I presume that thereafter I assumed that I didn't have anything I could use, despite picking up things in the ice age building. I may have made it to the settlement before I found out I did have a minor light enchant.

Initially, I thought I was stuck in the tutorial because of the red slime, which blocks the route to the settlement. At the time I had ball lightning and fire touch, which I noticed were ineffective because it would display 200% resistance to elemental damage or something to that effect. I knew I needed other spells, but finding ingredients in the caves was rather difficult without light (see previous point). I believe I was aiming for the spell Light Snake (which is awesome imo) but was short one granite. Along the way I picked up Ice Cross, but figured that because it was elemental (ice is water after all) that it wouldn't work on the red slimes. However, I eventually noticed I could do damage to Red Slime using Ice Cross while I was harvesting some mushrooms near the red slime in the boss cave. After I killed that one, I realized I was free and could kill the red slime blocking the village.

I've since escaped from the tutorial and experienced some of the rest of the game and must say that this is a pretty fun game. My only request might be a fix for slot selection dark inventory thing I mentioned earlier, and maybe the ability to move guardian power scroll structures (though I think that is less critical). I've noticed there is a spell for rearranging background entities in your settlement, and I think that will be fun to play around with.

My other funny story comes from my first Journey to Perfection mission. At this point I had collected a lot of spells but hadn't really paid much attention to their stats or special effects. There was a pretty handy reward on this mission but not a whole lot of time left. However, after killing my first monster I kept getting ejected from the mission because of fire damage. I was about ready to call it a bug when I noticed that I had two Ball Lightning spells - and - that the one I had equipped would deal a small amount of fire damage to you to remind you that it was working. Makes things interesting at any rate.


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