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Green Amoeba Lieutenant

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I am a little stuck and in need of some input by experienced players.

Ok, so here is the deal: I am on my third continent. It was on Tier 3 when CP have been patched away, leaving me in the lucky situation of having the continent back to Tier 1 with some Tier 4 spells already in my inventory.

I tried to approach my first lieutenant which happened to be a dreaded green amoeba. Dreaded because I favor "Launch Rock" and "Launch Meteor" both of which are useless against this foe - the projectiles heal the small green amoebas who in turn heal the boss even before reaching it making it impossible to beat him. And since it is a lieutenant it has an insane amount of health.

My other Tier 4 spells are Fireball and Energy Orb - no piercing damage here and I don't seem to have the time to shoot the small ones one by one. After a short while I am swarmed and near death.

Are there any options here? Of course I could try to go for other lieutenants first, but then I lose my slight edge when I save this one for last - it will be Tier 5 as all my spells by then.

Is it worth to invest in another piercing spell like Ice Block or Tidal Wave even though I will get these "only" to Tier 2? Am I missing something in the way of enchants? I use triple jump, damage reduction and have all kinds of element enhancements at my disposal to boost for example the fireball spell or whatever.

So, any hints? I don't want to crank down the difficulty, this would feel like cheating, I am rather hoping for a "legitimate" way out of this situation...  ;)

Thanks in advance and regards,

Hmm, yea, trying tier 2 tidal pulse sounds worthwhile.

Bear Traps or Explosive Bear Traps (particularly + Explosive Barrels) may help catch the little ones as they hit the floor.

The trick I found to this when I got one is to first make it so you have retreat paths; if you need to spam platforms, then spam platforms. (The idea is to make sure that the amoeba's can't leave no way to jump over them.)

The second trick I found was to take it relatively slow. Put 2 - 3 shots into the lieutenant, then take out the smaller amoebas in front of you. Once you've done that, you can put 2 - 3 more shots in. Repeat, and then when you get near one end of the arena jump out and start spamming on the tail of amoebas you usually hav following the big green amoeba. Keep on chipping away, and keeping a reasonable distance to deal with the small rock burst attack so you can dodge it, and the boss will go down; it'll just take a while.

The third trick is to clear any Monster Spawners first, since they will make things even worse if left to spawn (given the need to take your time.)

Out of your spells, I'd be inclined towards Energy Orb, simply because it's fairly quick firing and relatively punitive out of your spell options. (I'm also a fan of Ball Lightning; generally, I like the single shot fast projectiles since they can crank out damage pretty quickly when I need to.)

Na na na, here is what you do. Get your iceblock as high level as you can. Get a medium distance away and aim straight for the middle of the thing. If you hit him in the right spot, all the green globies will get killed by your iceblock as soon as they spawn. It makes this fight a snap!

Thanks for all the helpful feedback!

Just wanted to tell you that I finally beat the Green Amoeba of DoomTM!

The problem was that it also had a 75% resistance to water so the ice block method was not really helpful, if I did not catch all of the tiny ones they would heal for more than I could inflict.

So I used Energy Orb as my main damage spell and Ice Launch to deal with the small ones in masses while trying not to hit the boss with it.

It took a while but the thing finally died. Hooray!  8)


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