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Giant Shadow Bat (Valley2)

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All right, you got me. ;)

It really depends on when those bats show up, but in that room with the switches there is just not any cover, as you say.  I was dead before realizing I was going to be shot at.  Not the sort of room I was picturing.

In for a release tonight:

* Giant Shadow Bats no longer show up outside of The Deep.

Cheers! :)

Yes, acknowledgement!  My endless arse-kicking was not for naught!

I think keeping those bats penned up in The Deep would be immensely helpful for the rest of the game (at least on Master Hero), since they apparently spread throughout the levels if you even step foot inside a Deep tile without purifying it. 

That room with the switches isn't even close to the only room it's been like that; just imagine getting creamed immediately as you attempt to go across that chasm from the armory to the other side of the keep, or all of the rooms where you have to drop into an unknown expanse from a ladder... into a purple death phasor that you can't see until you've already been hit.

Anyways, you can see my frustration after spending hours in that state of affairs.

All righty, new version is now out that removes those bats from everywhere that isn't The Deep:,13364.0.html

Anyway, great catch and hopefully you can get through without getting the arse kicking this time. :)

Great, I'll give it a try today and hopefully be able to finish it up!

Edit: Wow, I even get my screen name in the credits?  That's pretty cool!

I do have a couple more things I've noticed, BTW, one being that there is apparently no way to level up at level up towers after the oblivion crystal is destroyed.

I visited a tower to maybe get that extra edge, killed Wordrak(sp) for good, then the door that said "Press E to go through" took me directly back outside with no green glowy tower.  The level up tower remains intact on the world map and you can visit it again with no way to use it, and there is no message that "The majority of your work is done here, do you still want to enter?" type of message.

Update: Finally finished off Demonaica; with the giant shadow bats gone, it was just a matter of being careful and giving it a few tries, except when it came to Demonaica himself, where the only viable strategy was to quickly overwhelm him with damage before he could hit you.  Anyways, glad that's over!

Awesome, glad you made it through!

In terms of the level-up towers thing... were you already at maximum level perhaps?


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