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Ghostly Heart


So, I'm an extremely new player (have so far defeated a grand total of 1 Lieutenant) and I ran into one of these setting up my latest Wind Shelter.  I saw it had roughly five times more HP than any non-Lieutenant boss I'd fought, was huge, and weak to Entropy, so I picked the spell that fires entropy bolts left and right, and found it wasn't doing any damage.  I forgot to check the boss' level, but it had massive entropy weakness and an armor rating of 10 (compared to my spell's 15 penetration).  I tried pretty much every spell in my repetoire and couldn't deal it any damage, so I just ran.

It's the first creature in the game to completely no-sell my attacks, so I'm just wondering what I'm missing.  Is there some special tactic required to fight them?  Am I just still way too low level?

Edit:also is there a way to zoom in the minimap (Chunk Map?)  I'm using a widescreen monitor, and while I don't mind making it bigger, I find it is perfect in large outdoor areas, and a nightmare to try and read in Lava Escape missions when I need it most with my poor eyesight.  :(

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For the ghostly heart, to my recollection, I think that's mostly to be avoided rather than fought.

For the chunk minimap zooming, absolutely!  I believe it is the M key, but if not you can see it in the controls edit screens in the settings menu.



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