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Server: Wandering Nomads (Closed for now)

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Server: Wandering Nomads

Availability: Internet Advertised

Hours of Operation: 24/7 except for when I forget to pay the power bill.
Please note I run this off my personal PC.  You get what you pay for here, but I'll do my best.

Max players: 16 (currently.  If we start having population concerns I'll pop it up a bit and see what the PC can handle)

Teamspeak 3 server: Available but my IP address changes occassionally.  I will usually only run this when I'm active and will notify if available.

Version: 1.010

Difficulty settings:
Combat: Skilled
Platforming: I get mistaken for a certain plumber.

Default settings on/off:
Use Glyph Transfer: No (No borrowing the lumbermancer)
Use Guardian Scrolls: Yes
Change Skill levels: No (once implemented in 0.930)

Play intent:
Have some fun, play with others, try to do group activities. 
Bang the heck out of the Beta and see what breaks in MP servers.  Remember to post in Mantis if you find one!

Current status:
Continent 6 - LT/OL hunting

Current Goals:
Build up the settlement.

Currently desired materials:
A whole ton of mining.

Currently desired unlocks:
None particular

Information on people with admin rights, ban rights, and bans:


Anus Dookie Beepis2
Penis Fart 2000
shut Mouth Burato

Known outages/issues (all times PST):
No currently known issues.

Outage: 4/16/2012 ~6:30 PM
Reset the server.

4/16/2012 9:30 PM
Server reset for new version .930

4/17/2012 9:30 PM
Server reset for new version .931

4/18/2012 10:00 PM
Server reset for new version .932

4/19/2012 1:40 AM
Server reset for version .970 (Last before go-live)

4/21/2012 ~I don't remember
1.0 upgrade

4/22/2012 ~5:30 AM
Reboot to clear fatal error.

4/24/2012 8:15 PM - 8:30 PM
Reboot and world-zip to provide error logs for fatal to Arcen.

4/25/2012 1:00 AM
Server taken down for unspecified time until 1.001 patch

4/26/2012 5:00 AM
Server back online.

4/27/2012 10:00 - 10:10 PM
Bounced the box due to bluescreen from other software.  It's gonna happen, it's my personal PC.  Sorry about that folks, hopefully you didn't lose much.

4/29/2012 - 12:45 AM
Bounced the server for the 1.005 upgrade.

5/1/2012 - Unknown through 12:45 PM
Server rebooted on its own and when I got back I did the 1.007 upgrade.

5/2/2012 - 9:30 PM through 10:00 AM (roughly) 5/3
Taking the server down.  My box needs to go through updates, maintenance, and I need to do some downloads that are just going to screw y'all up.

5/5/12 - Noonish
Bounced the server for 1.010

5/8/12 - 2 PM
Bounced server to clear a zero/neg hitpoint Lieutenant.

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