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Server: Wandering Nomads (Closed for now)

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Further Server overview posted.

Wandering Nomads updated to .930.


--- Quote from: Wanderer on April 16, 2012, 01:29:31 pm ---Max players: 8 (currently.  If we start having population concerns I'll pop it up a bit and see what the PC can handle)
--- End quote ---
8 is just the ultra-conservative number, mainly because we don't have any data beyond that from practice.  But basically the only way AVWW-server is going to challenge your machine is if you get a ton of players all in different chunks, and then it's not a cpu or network issue, it's an issue of the server running out of managed heap space (which, sadly, has very little to do with your machine's available RAM).

That said, potentially the network traffic could get a little fierce at around, say, 30 players.  But if it does there's a ton of optimizations I could do to hammer the actual size of the network messages through the floor (right now it sends them as readable ascii unless they're over a certain size, and then it just runs a generic compression on said readable ascii; I could make the whole thing binary, etc).  Just haven't done it as there's been absolutely no indication that it's necessary :)

Anyway, have fun storming the Overlord!

Good to know Keith, thanks.  I'll definately keep that in mind.

I don't want to crank it up yet as this IS my personal PC and there's no reason to yet, as the most concurrent players we've had is 4, and I do like to be able to run my XBox/Hulu/whatnot over the same internet connection.  Which, actually, I'm curious to test what the heck that would do to people during a full-on CoD smackfest while 8+ ppl are playing on the server, to see the viability (I run top-end Cable Internet from Cox).  If we start getting more than 8 wanting to play at once I'll definately try cranking it up... just not yet. :)

Really like how you've laid out this thread and hope to see more servers popping up as the game approaches release. I wanted to play last night but kept getting the black screen issue so once patched I should be on this evening.

Can't believe your taking down the Overlord already I'll have some catching up to do. Also regarding Teamspeak that's something I would be very interested in as any MP game improves dramatically when people can talk to each other and this is even more important on a game where something could pop-up and kill you at anytime.

Looking forward to playing later cheers for the server.


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