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--- Quote from: Wanderer on May 15, 2012, 01:32:05 am ---Warlock
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Let me know how that one is; I've been looking for a modern Master of Magic for... a long time.  I helped make one (a clone, not a new game) for a few months, though that never finished.

Anyway, many thanks for the testing help with AVWW :)

My pleasure.  I did enjoy AVWW, I should mention.

Warlock is a 'wait for the patch' game right now.  Sooooo much potential, it's got just enough bugs to be a little frustrating, but the core experience is still a lot of fun.  There are things that seem goofy at first play and others that make a lot of sense.

Really, my best recommendation is grab a Demo and give it a whirl. 


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