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Server: Unyielding Creation


Server IP:

Difficulty settings:
Chosen One
I am already the guy

The platforming difficulty display in the server list is bugged, and said bug has already been reported. You only need to know that the server is at the highest possible difficulty this game allows.

This server is extremely hard. It's hard in a 'you're going to die repeatedly if you go out alone' kind of way. It's hard in a 'everyone needs to work together to get things done' kind of way. If you like to run around alone, this is not the server for you. Bring friends.

I'm hosting this as somewhat of an experiment. I'd like to see how far along the community, working together, can bring a server like this, if it's even possible to bring this server forward. I'm also going to be monitoring the progress of the server, and forwarding it on to the devs, as my attempt to help the devs tune their difficulty settings.

Good luck everyone.

Current status:
Running 1.2.07
Continent 1
Lieutenants: 2/4
Overlord: Lvl 27, unreachable

Current statut : Offline it seems.

The computer running the server had a hard drive failure. Fortunately, the data for the server was able to be recovered, and I'm currently working on setting the server up. Expect the server to be back up soon.


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