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How does AVWW2 Multiplayer work?


I've tried searching around to try to figure out what exactly multiplayer in the game does and the closest I've gotten is a statement that 'It's like single player but with more people?'

I never quite got into AVWW2 like I do AI War, and I'm wondering if maybe it'd be a fun game to play with the trio I usually do there (and a nice way to support Arcen a bit more too) but I have no idea what multiplayer means for this game.  If it's just the three of us bouncing around the same platforming segment I imagine that would get old but I honestly have no clue what to expect.

Could somebody who's done it (or knows about it in case keith is lurking in here ;)) give a brief rundown on what adding more people to the game does?

Well, as far as I can tell, it just adds another player to the game who can do more or less what you do: i.e. run around, purify tiles, order survivors around, and so forth. So it's like two guys sharing the same world. I'm not sure how player stats are affected; I didn't notice any difference in the game's difficulty. Just be careful; if the other guy is a noob, then you might find your morale draining away.

One nice thing is that because the strategy section is somewhat meaningful (definitely compared to the AVWW1 strategy) and everyone can interact with the board, you can have a fair bit of fun all planning your campaign moves together, or choosing what route next to take on the map etc, which adds another dimension to things.

Also I'm not 100% sure as we always stuck together when I played multiplayer, but I think the party can split up and purify separate areas if they want -- don't quote me on this, though!

It's basically "playing the singleplayer game, together".  Your individual stats are unaffected, the individual monsters get stronger to some extent, and the strategy game is exactly the same.  I almost always find co-op more fun than singleplayer in any given game, so I'd figure it's worth a try with your normal group :)


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