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[WIP] [TexturePack] Stephan's Because I felt like it Texture Pack


After some work I've got a couple basic textures you might want to use. These replace Dave and Dave 2 right now, Ice Age characters.

I've started with Megaman X, X1 sprites specifically scaled up x3 but I'm probably going to put in many different games in this pack. After all, this is a crossover situation. Reality was shattered!

I'm also using the Battle Moon GFX personally, so I probably won't replace those which it uses.

Here is an Imgur Album of Screenshots



Megaman X as Dave
Zero as Dave 2
Geno as Darrell
Fire Mario as Male Heat Suit
Fire Princess Peach in Mario Clothes as Female Heat Suit
Penguin Mario as Male Snow Suit
Ice Princess Peach in Mario Clothes as Female Snow Suit
Varia Suit Samus as Female Advanced Heat Suit
Biologic Researcher as Male Advanced Heat Suit
Zeke as Justin
Julia as Melody

Version 0.1
Version 0.2

Extract this to your TexturePacks folder in your A Valley Without Wind's Runtime folder.

All credit goes to the respective owner of the graphics used, I do not claim the images used.

Gogo, this is awesome stuff!

Good to hear ^^

Update is available. Not much, I'll have a few screenies in a bit, Character list in OP as well as Readme.


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