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The most nonsensical "texture pack"


Or so I thought. But since I started editing directly the game's files instead of creating a texture pack because I had no idea how that thingy worked, I can't really call that a texture pack, it's more like a mod. But that's beside the point.

So yeah, I started playing around with textures. At first, I made stupid things like that:

But then I managed to steal borrow until I die some touhou textures, and I started experimenting.
First with genuine touhou textures.

Second with SWR textures.

And I wanted to know if there was a way to reduce how many frames characters are using (I know it's impossible yet, but consider that as a request to add to your 'most wanted features'), and I want to know if it's possible to modify the player character's hitbox, to edit the bullet pattern (all bullets go straight, all enemies shoot 3 bullets instead of one), to change the dialogues, and to replace enemies (since I won't have enough sprites if I decide to use touhou sprites only). And to replace bullets too. And sound too, I only found the music and the images, not the sound or the text.
And since I got weirds errors, I'd like to know if I can get back the original textures without reinstalling the game.

EDIT: Did I said "texture pack"? Because since I started editing musics too, it's more like a "texture and music pack". And if there's indeed a way to edit text, "it's going to be a texture and music and text pack". Wanna sing a lullaby to the old hell?

Professor Paul1290:
Great now I'm curious as to which enemy you used the Hina sprite on.  :D

I think there was a way to edit projectiles at some point but I haven't dabbled in it at all, so someone else will have to answer that.

Nevermind, I found. It's in the "shots" category.

Here is for the energy orb. I always tried to replace the energy slice with a star, but the star is not spinning and that sounds complicated, so I think I'll replace it by another bullet.

Also, Hina? She's replacing the Urban Sniper, but you might find this more interesting:

And I always replaced all the bosses' names by demons from Wikipedia. Enjoy fighting against Murmur, Asmodeus, and Beelzebuth:

So far, I always replaced some songs, but it's mostly for teh lulz, with no real choices. Hell, with the copyrights, I can't even distribute it into a soundpack. Too bad.


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