Author Topic: Scripts, worldmap modding possible? Planned?  (Read 4212 times)

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Scripts, worldmap modding possible? Planned?
« on: May 27, 2013, 01:33:40 am »
I have decided to look into modding the AVWW games, other than limited options creating and editing rooms not much seems to be possible. This makes me sad, as I planned to create “A Valley Rebuilding.” So far my understanding is limited to RAM dumping and analysis.

Item #1: Fix the script pertaining to DoOblivionCrystalMassHitChunkMonsterSpawning because lol wut is going on here?

This should be quite easy and quick to implement.

Rubble tiles cost [original building cost]x[depending on difficulty]? as much scrap to build buildings on depending on difficulty and still one turn. Or 50x[depending on difficulty] scrap and one turn to restore if “beneath notice.”

Destroyed smaller special (such as the ivory towers) buildings cost 100x[depending on difficulty] scrap to rebuild and one turn, 200x[depending on difficulty] scrap and two turns for the larger (pyramids, castles).

To rebuild farmland it takes 50x[depending on difficulty] scrap, 30x[depending on difficulty] for groves.

Create a second, similar looking type of windmill that halves the danger for the player perhaps? 150x[depending on difficulty]. You can build your own dungeon (both literally and figuratively due to the room editor).

I noticed these, I assume they are still implemented?
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