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Not sure where to post this, but this Stairs Down might need fixing.


Super minor quality issue, I assure you.

I just remember seeing this posted by x4000:

--- Quote ---For practical purposes, you also must not put too much room at the top of a stairsdown or at the bottom of a stairsup.  Essentially, there must be exactly 3 tiles on the top of stairsdown, and at the bottom of stairsup.  This way only the one door will seed there -- the door from the more-central floor -- and then all the other doors (which are all on the more-distant floor) will spawn at the far end of your staircase/ladder/whatever.
--- End quote ---

And so when I saw this stairs down:

it stuck out at me.

How do I determine what map that is, and get it, if not fixed, at least adjusted a bit?


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