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Megaman 8-bit Texture Pack (WIP)

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--- Quote from: KingIsaacLinksr on May 10, 2012, 12:17:12 pm ---now I'm curious if someone will do a Metroid version. This is very cool. This might be the first pack I actually try in AVWW  :D


--- End quote ---

The ocean being remade into Maridia from Super Metroid?  *Drools*

Wow! This is very impressive!

Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it. =)

And here is Gemini Man who seems to have found a secret mission:

I think it's pretty easy to replace the music in this game as well, and the the old Megaman games have some of the best game music ever made in my opinion, so imagine all these screenshots with a soundtrack something like this:

I'll totally try this out when you finish.

The character swaps from other modders felt so out of place and looked bad in the AVWW world art, and this totally is the way around that problem.

Sometimes, the characters seem out of proportion since they are taken from sprite much wider and shorter than the original AVWW characters(also too short or wide for their hit box), it's hard to tell just by looking, but those small looking megaman characters fill their hit boxes properly?

Nanostrike made plenty of examples of bad sizing, but I'll just use one example, he swapped Jack with a sprite almost half his height.

Hitboxes will not be exact, but the characters will be of the correct height, just not always of the right width, which does not matter as much I think. The characters in the screenshots looks small because they are wider than the characters they replace, but they are of the right height.

EDIT: This just in! Ice Man encounters ice pirates at a building made of ice!


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