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[Mappack] A variety pack of my own!

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The recent mappacks reinspired me to make some more maps. The number is nowhere near as impressive as the others, but some of the rooms are kinda cool. I tried some new stuff with these, hopefully they work. There's a chance a few won't, though (does rubble need to have floor between it and the "Inaccessable" area? If so, I'll need to fix a few rooms.)


Two Outdoor Boss Arenas: Mountain Pond and Tectonic Rift
Four Atriums (Two large, two low): Fountain with Attic, Flooded, Fractured and "Holy Cow That's a Hole"
One Overlord Room: Laser Fortress

So only seven maps in total, a measly number compared to one hundred, but some are interesting, I think. Tell me if they won't work so I can fix them. :)

Rubble does not need floor between it and the "inaccessable" squares so long as 1.) There is no where for the player to get to the "inaccessable" squares and 2.) There is enough actual, flat floors for the doors to spawn properly.

As for the rooms themselves, am I missing something? I don't see any attachments to this post.

Oops. Didn't include the attachment, derp. One sec  :-[

In retrospect, I should have realised that "5door" meant that there should be space for 5 doors.  ::)

Also, turns out that Tectonic Rift was actually nonexistant. So that one isn't in this pack. I'll remake it later.

A few screenshots of Flooded, Fractured and FountainWithAttic.
(This one's a link because it turns out huge for some reason)

Nice! I'll work on getting these in the game next week!


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