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[MAP]: Variety Pack 6


...yup, more maps.

Atriums x 3 (2 x 5door, 1 x 10door)
Bosses x 34 (18 x boss, 7 x multiboss, 4 x outdoorboss, 3 x outdoorbosshardtotraverse, 2 x umbra vortex)
Generic Smallish Rooms x 26 (16 x 5door, 10 x 10door)
Halls x 27 (15 x 5door, 12 x 10door)
Stairs x 10 (6 x 5door, 3 x 10door, 1 x solitary)

Total No. Of Maps = 100


IMO, as a package, these are the best rooms you've done to date. I really like the fact that you added so many smallish rooms.

So... just one more map pack before you have half of them now?

I believe so.

You certainly are making it harder to find the same rooms, Ben :P

I do seem to be on a Smallish binge at the moment.

As to half-the-maps, it should be the next pack (unless there is an influx of other maps.)


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