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[MAP]: Variety Pack 5

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...aaaand more maps.

Atriums x 5 (3 x 5door, 2 x 10door)
Bosses x 20 (7 x normalboss, 2 x multiboss, 6 x outdoorboss, 2 x overlord, 3 x umbra vortex)
Generic Smallish Room x 1
Halls x 38 (15 x 5door, 23 x 10door)
Mission Staging x 6
Stairs x 30 (8 x 5door, 16 x 10door, 6 x solitary)

Total No. Of Maps = 100

Well, it's official. You have made a crazy amount of maps for this game.

How long until BenMiff is officially He Who Made Half of the Maps? :P

You mean that hasn't happened yet?

It might've. It was sneaky if it did though.


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