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[MAP]: Variety Pack 4


Even more maps.


Atriums - 5 (2 x 5door, 3 x 10door)
Boss Rooms - 43 (20 x normal, 18 x miniboss, 3 x outdoor boss, 2 x umbra vortex)
Hallways - 22 (18 x 5door, 4 x 10door)
Mission Staging Areas - 1
Mystery Puzzle Rooms - 10
Smallish Generic Rooms - 1
Stairs - 18 (7 x 5door, 3 x 10door, 8 x solitary)

Total No. Of Maps - 100

Wow! Dude, that's... that's a TON more rooms. I'm looking forward to looking through them.

That said, things are kinda crazy around here atm, so it might take me longer than usual to go through them. If you've not heard anything from me about them after a bit, feel free to ping me to make sure these don't get lost in the craziness.

I'll be going through these in a few minutes, sorry it took so long.

Okay, so a few fixes were made to get the maps at 100 x 100 or less.

Attaching the fixed versions to this post and the next post.

Aaaaand the other two.


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