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Map Making Questions
« on: June 04, 2012, 03:46:55 pm »
Okay, so I've been mapping for a bit now and there are still some things I'm not entirely clear on, so I figured starting a thread so that everyone can see the answers was better than inquiring privately.

Anyway, the questions I have (so far, at least), are:-

1. How much room do boss rooms currently need to have (height-wise in intended "boss corridors", at least for ground bosses)? I'm currently thinking 9-tile high is a good minimum, but that's more of a guess than anything. (Additionally, what's the minimum height for overlords, since I believe it'll be different to normal bosses?)

2. What is the difference between Low Atriums and Large Atriums? Do they get used in different places, or is there some sort of dividing design principle between the two?

3. Is there a difference between Stairs Up and Stairs Down? (I suspect it's whether more door spawn points are on the higher areas of the room (for up) or on the lower areas of the room (for down).

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Re: Map Making Questions
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2012, 03:54:58 pm »
Each tile is 64px square, so that should help some with the scaling questions.  The largest monsters require 1024px space.  Minibosses generally will never need more than 800px, usually not more than 512px to actually move around in (but a bigger space lets them move more freely, if there are staircases or similar that might clip them at an angle).

Low Atriums are simply used in smaller, less grand atriums.

Stairs up and stairs down are very different.  There is always a central node to any building, which is on the ground floor.  Any stairs leading down from that central node will be going into basement, and are stairsdown.  Any stairs going up into the building will all be stairs up, and go to higher floors.

For practical purposes, you also must not put too much room at the top of a stairsdown or at the bottom of a stairsup.  Essentially, there must be exactly 3 tiles on the top of stairsdown, and at the bottom of stairsup.  This way only the one door will seed there -- the door from the more-central floor -- and then all the other doors (which are all on the more-distant floor) will spawn at the far end of your staircase/ladder/whatever.
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