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[MAP] Bossroom: Homage To Mario

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Although it's missing some lava at the "end" of the rat-run (Is it possible to put in calls for lava/acid water pools for the map editor in the future?), this is my multi-story homage to the classic Bowser boss battle from Super Mario Bros.

Amoebas and Dragons work very well - haven't managed to spawn a giant Skelebot to test it on yet mind you, but should work a treat I think!  Constructive crits more than welcome.

EDIT: Updated using new lava/water feature

Dude, that's AWESOME! I love it!

Wow, that's really cool!!  And yeah, I'll have to add the ability to add in lava/water into maps. :)  Would make a good mantis suggestion so that I don't forget.

The only thing with this map is that because of copyright issues, I'm not comfortable putting it in the game named like that. I'll name it "Homage to a Plumber" if that works for you. :)

Mantis for lava placement and yeah I'm happy with calling it whatever it needs to be called - just used the Mario name to make it easier to spot in my filesystem :)


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