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[MAP] Boss Room: Tower Link

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I made this boss room using the new lava/water/sky tools. Although they really are only decorative in this map. I figure this map is like if you had two towers and this could be a small room connecting the two, so the sky is visible above and below. (while the middle area is connected to the building.

It's a small 21 X 43 map.

I've tested all three current bosses with the map and they all work fine. Even the large skelebot has just enough room to move about and can still be a threat. (you'd probably be fighting it from above but it can still shoot up at you) There's enough space to hide from attacks too.
Hope this one is ok? It might be pushing things a little in terms of size. I feel it works well though.

I wouldn't want to see one much smaller, but, I think it works. I like the idea of some of the boss fights not being giant epic battles with lots of room to move. I think some of them being a close-in brawl is a good thing. Nice job. Thanks.

I'll try my hand at making a large custom room next time.

I think I just naturally head towards making small rooms in the map editor.

There's a ton of large rooms in there now. Frankly, I appreciate any types of rooms you want to make. If you are drawn to making small rooms, go ahead and make small rooms. :-)

Indeed -- definitely a cool one, too.  Though, I will say it can't be used quite in its current form, because there's no 8x8 section of background wall above an 8-tile-wide platform.  Just slightly raising the upper area's size by 2 (it's currently 6 high) would do it, or widening one or both of the sides.  But definitely seems like a cool room. :)


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