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I made 3 new room maps, two large atriums and one small room. The first large atrium is a large theater with a box seat. The second large atrium is an atrium with a large fountain in the middle. The small room is a simple room with a fountain in the middle.

I like 'em!


--- Quote from: zebramatt on October 27, 2011, 07:02:05 am ---I like 'em!

--- End quote ---

QFT - nice!

That's really cool indeed; will be curious how the fountains look in-game, as the water really isn't meant to be used in a way that's not bordered on the sides.  Might be fine, I dunno.

If you're curious, I do have water/lava waterfalls planned for sometime later, but these would be particle-based affairs with an emitter, etc.

Well the water pouring down looks a little off because the water animation is moving to the sides but the water looks good in the bottom of the fountain.

I have noticed with some of the taller ceiling rooms that it tends to be really dark. Any chance you are going to be adding light sources that spawn either on the ground or closer? Something like floor lamps or lamps attached to the background wall? I don't mean like player placed lighting but something that naturally spawns inside rooms?


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