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Here's a little more of a guide on how to test them, too:,9389.0.html

Martyn van Buren:
Any chance of a map editor for Mac?  I'd be happy to do some.

I'm not really sure how to go about doing that.  It's a very simple .NET app, so it could be cross-compiled via mono.  I think mono has a tool for doing the conversion in fact, but I don't know if it just makes another exe or if it is able to make an app bundle for OSX.  It's been years since I did much directly with mono (aside from the embedded-in-unity version).

Martyn van Buren:
Oh dear, that does not mean very much to me. Anyway I'd be grateful if someone more computer-literate than me wanted to check if that's possible and perhaps describe how to do it.

For the various programmers here:

It looks like that might be good for cross-compiling.  I'm happy to share the source code for the .NET app if you want to try to cross-compile this in MonoDevelop.


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