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How do I modded AVWW.


So the other day, I was modding A Valley Without Wind, because despite how many flaws it has, it's still fun somehow, BUT THEN, THE REVELATION CAME TO ME, like a train hitting me in the guts with the intensity of probably more than nine thousands big toes hitting against furnitures (servants not included, they are people, not furniture).
The revelation that led me to attempting further modding went as the following :
"Magic Pain Glove, I know I can edit the sprites and textures to get myself giggling to how awful the result will be, I also know how to change the music to have Neptunia blasting my ears when I'm fighting for my life against the crab people, but the sound effects are still bad. Tell me what to do."
Finally, the pain glove spoke to me, and I had a pretty good idea : if the sound effects are horrible and make me want to cuddle with kitties to forget the ultimate horror, why not replace them? And so, confident in my own skills at abusing killeringer to slaughter and butcher everything I could come across, I decided to change them sounds.
Alas, I cannot for the like of a thousand facebook reposts figure where the sound effects are located, for I suspect one named Arcen, acting as the personification of the game studio, went ahead and encrypted them, hiding them in the depth of the games' files for some obscure yet sinisterly malevolent reason that I suspect will remind me the malevolence of the MJ-12, to the likes of which Arcen Games are probably affiliated.
So, for the sake of several people's sanity, one such as me must ask the question that will cause unending amount of pain and grief : how can I change the sound effects?

Sounds are in resources.assets you gonna need Unity Assets Explorer (that's a tool to extract/import into Unity assets file) also worth noting if you want to change fonts, those are in the other assets file ;) in AVWW_DATA btw...

So now you can have NepNep voices for all enemies ;) hehe


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