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[GFX] A Valley With More Depth (v3.1 WIP)

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OK, so I wanted to try throwing all the subtlety I was aiming for with version 1 & 2 completely out the window - and this the result!

It's still very much a work in progress and I may go back to v2 altogether, but I thought it was worth chucking it out there to see if anyone got along with it.

It includes the following:

--- Quote ---Quaix
* Depth of Field D20

* Character Sharpner
* Total Asset Saturation & Contrast Adjustment
* Monochrome Puzzle Planets
* Background Simplifier
* Monster Sharpner
* Tiled Texture Biggifier
* Ground & Wall Shadower

--- End quote ---

Some screenshots for comparison:


Original Valley

AVWMD v2.1b



Original Valley

AVWMD v2.1b


Download v3.1 here!

(Download v2.1b here - v2 thread here.)

Yeah, the subtlety is definitely gone. I'll give this a spin when I get home. I'll also see if I can refrain from breaking particles this time around. xD

I've already found a rather unsightly seam running through the indoors textures which I'll need to fix up... if anyone actually gets any use out of this texture pack, I mean!  :)

I can totally see the depth, but it looks like the dungeon door is now floating in front of the background, rather than being part of it.

True! I might be able to blend the doors a little better - I'll give that a go for v3.2 (if I even make a 3.2)!


v3.1 above fixes a few tiling issues but is still very much a WIP.


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