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Title: First try at makeing a room.
Post by: gilshim on June 19, 2012, 03:50:09 AM
     So this is my first attempt at making a room, feel free to add it to your game or mess around with it. The rooms name is Deep dive boss room, and its about, you guessed it, diving and going deep while doing it. I know acid water and all that but i think its a cool idea, not sure how water psychics work in this game but the end layer might be flooded by the time you get down there. Again  its a first time WIP room. I suggest bringing a adv. heat-suit cause you never know if the game will make it water or lava, right know thats my only complaint about the map/room editor. If you get lava, sorry! its meant to be less lethal acid water. Feel free to leave constructive criticism about how to maybe make it better or at the very least not suck so bad. I'd say over all that the room is meant for those who want a challenging boss fight with the possibility of drowning/ melting alive.  I do hope you enjoy it to any degree, and apology's in advance if you do not enjoy it at all.

     Sincerely, Gilshim